GLH Floor Inspection Services

Whether it’s a new build or an existing floor that needs some TLC, GLH Floor Inspection Services investigates and gives a comprehensive guide to the best solution for your floor.

With over 30 years in the flooring industry, we can provide guidance in all aspects of the flooring experience, including decision making.

With the current variety of flooring options available, from hardwood to laminate to vinyl and cork, it is now more important that the product that is chosen meets the needs that are required and be installed so that they function properly.

The number of flooring options available today is staggering. This increase in options has made it harder and harder for these products to become successful for the length of time that the flooring was intended to last.

Selecting the correct product in the right situation installed in the correct fashion is critical to the longevity of any floor. Any deviation from this formula will cause issues that are unpleasant and costly.

GLH Floor Inspection Services can help contribute to a successful floor before, during and after installation. In the event of a flooring installation going wrong, we can help determine where it went wrong and where to go from there.

Greg Hemphill, BSc (SFU, 1988)

Service throughout BC

    • FCITS Hard Surface Inspector #1815
    • FCITS Advanced LVT & Rigid Core Specialist #1815
    • ICRI Certified Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician
    • BCFCA Approved Inspector
    • NFCA Approved Inspector

Our commitment

Our goal is to have every floor last for the length of time it is intended and be appreciated for its inherent beauty for that entire duration. Only by successful selection, installation and maintenance can the flooring industry thrive for generations to come.

Having been involved in the flooring industry for over 30 years, our commitment is to the long-term viability of this industry, through education and experience and the sharing of the knowledge gained.

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Commercial and residential flooring applications pose different challenges when considering flooring.

GLH Floor Inspection Services has the knowledge required to guide the selection process in order to determine the floor materials that are suitable for the area being covered.

This knowledge is critical to the long-term success of the flooring products in the areas intended.

Inspection: Pre-Installation

For any flooring installation to be successful, several conditions must be met to ensure that problems do not occur in the near or distant future.

We use a variety of investigative processes and equipment to determine whether those conditions are in order before the installation starts.

GLH Floor Inspection Services will do the following:

  • Review installation instructions to determine proper pre-installation conditions
  • Inspect on site location for possible future problems
  • Perform moisture content tests on both wood and concrete substrates
  • Determine whether subfloor flatness is within tolerances of products involved
  • Perform concrete pH test to determine conformity to acceptable standards
  • Conduct bond tests to determine suitability of substrate to accept flooring

Inspection: Post-Installation

What happened? When a floor shows issues, it is hard to know where things went wrong.

We use a variety of investigative processes and equipment to shed light on how things happened and where to go from there.

GLH Floor Inspection Services will do the following:

  • Obtain the history of the floor in question
  • Understand the concern in issue
  • Observe the floor in question
  • Subject the floor to a series of non-destructive scientific tests to gather data on the floor in question
  • Interview those parties with relationship to the floor
  • Research the applicable standards and guidelines pertaining to the floor
  • Submit a report summarizing the findings to the commissioning party.
  • Recommendations on possible solutions to the issue are available upon request.

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